History of Our Great School

St. Rose’s Senior High School is one of the girls’ schools in the Eastern Region being managed by the Catholic Church. The school was established Fifty years ago by the Dominican Sisters from Speyer, Germany who were looking for a location in Ghana to promote girls education founded on the Catholic faith.

The school started as a teacher training college with 80 students but in September 1969, the teacher training college was converted into a secondary school with the initial intake of 72 students.

The then chief of Akwatia, Barima Kofi Bempong II, the Akwatia Town Development Committee and the Akwatia Traditional Council passed a resolution that gave birth to the establishment of the school.

The founding Sisters were brought to Ghana by the Most Reverend Bishop Joseph Oliver Bowers, the then Bishop of the Accra Diocese of the Catholic Church. This noble institution has had the following distinguished leaders as heads over the years.

They are: Rev. Sr Beatrix Koob, First Principal/Headmistress, 1965-1979; Rev. Sr. Zita Simon, Second Headmistress, 1979-1980; Rev. Sr. Solamen Ott, Third Headmistress, 1980-1998 and Mrs Victoria Amaning, fourth and the first Ghanaian Headmistress,1998-2010; Mrs Margaret Bangfu, who is the Fifth Headmistress, 2010-2018 and Mrs. Marian Jackson took office in 2018 and is the current headmistress.

Our Headmistresses

Number 1 rev

Rev. Sr Beatrix Koob

First Principal/Headmistress, 1965-1979
Number 2

Rev. Sr. Zita Simon

Second Headmistress, 1979-1980
Number 3

Rev. Sr. Solamen Ott

Third Headmistress, 1980-1998
Number 4

Mrs Victoria Amaning

Fourth and the first Ghanaian Headmistress,1998-2010
Number 5

Mrs Margaret Bangfu

Fifth Headmistress, 2010 to 2018
Number 6

Mrs. Marian Jackson

Sixth Headmistress, 2018-present